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French manicure sets up for summer in France

French manicure sets up for summer in France

A French manicurist says the summer of 2018 will be his last with his company, the French manicures brand, after he was offered a new job at the end of this year.

The former employee of French cosmetics giant L’Oreal has been a director for L’Oréal for nearly 30 years.

L’oréal says it will continue to invest in France and its beauty industry.

He had hoped to return to his former role, where he would have been responsible for the entire L’ORÉAL brand, and his family, in 2019.

But that role was replaced by an assistant and he has since had to work full-time in Paris.

Léo is also in negotiations to take over the French cosmetics brand, L’Ecole Fondation, which has been run by L’Occitane for years.

A spokesperson for Léon said it has “always been in close contact with L’ ORÉAL and with Léoan, who is the company’s CEO and CEO of L’ Ecole”.

L’ Oréal is also a shareholder of the French beauty giant LVMH.

The spokesperson for the LVMh said it is a “difficult situation”.

“Our team is fully focused on the important work we are doing to bring the L’ Oreal brand to the next level,” the spokesperson said.

French luxury brand LVMHKH shares rose as much as 2 per cent to €8.17 at 17:53 GMT, while French cosmetics maker LVMF also rose as high as 2.7 per cent, while a London-based investment fund called the Royal Institute of International Studies gained 2.4 per cent.

The French economy is expected to grow at 2.6 per cent this year, according to the latest statistics.

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