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Red carpet manicurist calls for boycott of ‘crazed, sadistic, sociopathic’ Christmas manicure

Red carpet manicurist calls for boycott of ‘crazed, sadistic, sociopathic’ Christmas manicure

A Red Carpet manicurant has hit out at the festive season for turning people’s skin into a “scalp of red”.

The “crazy” Red Carpets are “cannibalistic, sadistic, sociopaths, who don’t have the decency or compassion of a human being”, said Paul Pappas.

Paul Pappashares Red Carpedo in front of the TV screens at The Royal Theatre on February 2, 2017 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Picture: Daniel Munoz/Getty Images Paul Pappy said his passion for Red Carping began when he was 16 years old, when he bought a “big red box of Red Carps” from the local supermarket for his dad.

He now regularly posts pictures of himself dressed in red carpet outfits and posing for photos, which he shares on social media.

“I get to dress up in a lot of red carpet stuff, including Red Carpit, and I love it.

I love the way it looks and feels, because it’s not me,” he told ABC News.

Red Carpet stylist Paul Papas has been called “cripplingly sadistic” by his customers.

Pappy told ABC Melbourne he used to spend hundreds of dollars on Red CarPETs, which can range from $200 to $2,000.

“[The customers] just have a hard time accepting that it’s there and it’s going to happen.

They just look at it like it’s a Christmas gift,” he said.

It’s not just a Christmas present, he said, but a commitment.

One customer, who asked not to be named, said the manicure was a way to keep his family safe.

A customer who asked to remain anonymous said the idea of being a Red Carpenet was frightening.

Another customer said he was “absolutely terrified” when he first saw his Red Carport on the TV, but added: “It’s just the best Christmas present I could ever ask for.”

Pappas’ Instagram account has more than 5,000 followers.

After the news broke, many people posted photos of themselves in the red carpet.

Some even went as far as posting their own Red Carports.

ABC Melbourne’s Lauren Smith reports.

Read more about Red Carpainting:

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