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American manicure designer ‘uncovers’ India’s secrets

American manicure designer ‘uncovers’ India’s secrets

The American manicurist’s discovery of the hidden beauty hidden behind India’s many Indian beauty traditions has been hailed as the “first of its kind” in India.

In a book titled Indian Beauty: The Hidden Beauty of the Ancient Indian Beauty Tradition, American manicurer Laila Alberstein reveals how she has unearthed a hidden beauty in India’s past.

“I have a very deep love for India, I love India and the way that the Indian people embrace and embrace all things that they believe in,” said Albersten, whose company is based in the US.

“There’s something about the beauty that they see in the faces of the people, in the way they dress, the way their hair looks.

I have to say, that’s a really deep feeling in my heart.”

Alberstein says that India has “a lot of hidden beauty”.

“I think it’s amazing that India, with all its beauty traditions, has all these hidden beauty,” she said.

Albersteins research, which was published in an Indian academic journal, says that the ancient Indian tradition of mohallas (meditation), known as a form of spiritual healing, is “truly profound” and “fascinating” and has a “deeply resonant and powerful” connection to the world around us.

“In the tradition, you are not a separate entity, you exist in a larger, larger, whole universe,” Albersteens said.

“What makes me so excited is that I’ve found the answer to a question that I really wanted to find out about for a long time.

And that is: what are these hidden beauties of India?”

Albersten has been researching the roots of the Indian beauty tradition for the past three years and she says that she is not the first to discover beauty hidden in the past.

In 2012, she discovered that the traditional Indian hymns are a blend of traditional Indian music, Indian poetry, and traditional Hindu art.

“We’re talking about songs, poems, songs from ancient times that were sung around India, and there are also some of the poems that have come down from the Hindu pantheon,” she explained.

“It’s been really fascinating to me to learn about these ancient songs and to find the stories that they tell.”

These stories tell about things that we would never see, and are still not really available in modern India.

“The book also reveals that there are “hidden beauty” in many Indian cultures, including the Vedic, Hindu and Muslim religions, and even in some Chinese traditions.

Albers findings have also brought new life into her business.”

As a business, it’s really exciting,” she told the Indian Express.”

You get to see how it is in the marketplace, and it’s not just for cosmetic products, but for a lot of other things as well.

I’m really proud of this.

“Read more: Indian beauty blogger reveals hidden beauty of ancient traditions in US book’Indian beauty blogger Laila ‘unveils’ secrets of ancient India’India’s Indian beauty culture and tradition are so deeply ingrained in the lives of people, said Albers co-author and India expert, Natarajan Chandrasekaran.”

The idea that people in the world, in this modern world, could discover a hidden truth about ancient India is amazing,” she added.”

So, what I hope to do in the next few years, is to expand the concept of the book to include other cultures and find other hidden beauty and what they are telling us about India.

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