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‘I am not a doctor’: I am not allowed to take medical advice

‘I am not a doctor’: I am not allowed to take medical advice

Mexico’s president says doctors are not allowed “to prescribe medicines” and that the country’s medical system has not progressed beyond “the old days” of the 18th and 19th centuries.

President Enrique Pena Nieto has said that he has “no intention” of changing the law, which restricts the right to prescribe medicines, which is part of Mexico’s constitution.

But he said that the government is not ruling out a proposal to make the medical profession free to prescribe.

“I am an elected president, I have to go through the normal process, to be able to take an opinion on the health of the people.

That is my right,” Pena says in the presidential inauguration speech on Tuesday.”

The government cannot legislate.

But it can create a system that is more flexible and that is where it is at now.

We have to look at what is the best way to make our medical system the best.”

The US and Canada, which both have free-market economies, have the highest number of doctors in the world, with more than 80% of the country having a doctor on staff.

But it is not clear if the president’s statement is in line with those countries.

“Mexico has an enormous medical problem.

We are very far from having a system of universal health care.

We don’t have a system for healthcare where the health system is in one hand and medicine is in the other,” said Anna Hernández, an expert on the country at the University of New Mexico.

“So we are not exactly at the top of the medical world.

We can’t compare ourselves to other countries, which are so far ahead.”

Hernángez said that there are a lot of factors that contribute to a country having an underdeveloped healthcare system, but the president has not made a decision about the way Mexico should proceed.

“As a result, we are really stuck in the past, because the country hasn’t seen a fundamental change,” she said.

“What they are doing is, they are saying ‘we don’t want to do anything new because we have so many problems’.”

The system is not designed for a medical system that doesn’t work.

It has to work and it has to be flexible.

“The health system, which has been criticised for years, is plagued by high inflation and shortages of medicines, but some experts argue that the system has been “bought off” by private companies, who make up a significant part of the health care sector.

President Pena said in his speech that the “government of Mexico is not a party to any international trade agreements.

We do not seek any agreements that would weaken the system.””

Our government has the right of free choice,” he said.”

We have to think that there is a balance between the people and the system that gives a quality healthcare and that gives us quality health care.

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