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How to shop the new Paraffin Perfectly manicure set

How to shop the new Paraffin Perfectly manicure set

Posted February 07, 2018 07:59:18The latest manicure trend in Australia has hit the shelves and, if you have a bit of time, it’s worth picking up a few of these.

The new Parafin Perfect manicure is a collection of manicures designed to help you feel and look more radiant.

The set includes manicures with a high coverage of natural paraffin and is a great way to get the most out of your new manicure.

The set comes in a range of colours, ranging from black to red to pink and blue.

I found the pink ones to be my favourite as they were a little brighter and more natural.

I did find the black ones to look a bit less natural but that was probably a result of the sheer amount of paraffins used in the collection.

These are great for those with sensitive skin, or who are trying to tone down their natural hair colour.

The manicures are also great for people who are looking for a more natural look but don’t want to use a lot of parabens and other preservatives in their products.

The manicures range in price from $45 for a set of three to $99 for a collection set.

The colours range from a dark blue-grey to a bright yellow, so there are a few that are great on their own.

The packaging for these manicures is very nice, with the colours of the manicures being printed on the packaging.

The nails themselves are a little thin and fragile so if you are worried about getting them right, you may want to consider using a nail polish remover.

You can pick up a set for just $45.

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