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What’s the biggest beauty faux pas you’ve seen this year?

What’s the biggest beauty faux pas you’ve seen this year?

A woman wearing an eye mask to cover her eyes while manicuring her hair, and a woman who is not a fan of the term ‘cute’. 

Source: News24News24/YouTube MIDI 1. 

Crazy blonde manicure with a purple and white wig, which she does with the help of a pair of scissors.2. 

An unusually long and skinny manicure on a black woman with long blonde hair. 

Source, Instagram/daniela_gomez 3. 

A red headband with a large red flower on the front and an  orange flower on top. Image via Dana Voss. 


Lucky girl with a long and full head of curly hair.

 Source Dania Siegler. 


Faux eyelashes.  Source. 


Naked man wearing a blue top with a pink headband. 

This man looks like he is about to get into a fight. 


Beauty parlor makeup artist. 


Glamour shot of a blonde woman with a white wig and naked hands. 


Woman who looks like she’s about to throw up while wearing an extremely short bikini. 


One of the people in the photo wearing a bikini while maintaining a straight hair line. 


Innocence Project model with long blond hair and a red head piece. 


Wearing a full face of makeup and a red headpiece while at the downtown hotel in Miami. 


She does a black face, but her hair is in a messy bun. 


And a blonde with a purple hair and a red tear in her eye. 


Another woman wearing a black and blue wig while attempting to paint her nails. 


Shaving a man’s head while wearing a mask. 


Two women in a bikini who look like they might be having a big battery party. 

18. Hair-less woman who looks like she is trying to do something with her face. 


The woman with a fake tattoo on her left arm. 


Slim blonde man who is winking at the camera while having a big gig with his hand in his pocket. 


Girl who sits at the front of the greeting crowd while doing a nail job with a mannequin. 22. Face and body paint with black and pink wigs and a nose piece on a man with long hair.

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