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How to make a cute manicurist look more professional

How to make a cute manicurist look more professional

This manicure tutorial from one of our friends in the beauty industry is the perfect antidote to the annoying, over-the-top, self-styled manicure look that is becoming more common in our society.

If you’re not a fan of the trendy, overblown look, then this manicure will definitely be for you.

In the video below, I’m showing you how to make your own adorable cute manicures.

Here’s what you’ll need to make them: A hair brush that fits your hand A small nail file (a few tiny bits of string) A few tiny pieces of yarn, like the tiny little ribbon in this picture, to hang on the hairbrush a small square of white fabric that will hold the brush in place an old toothbrush (you can also buy one of these on Amazon, but I like to make mine myself) a few drops of oil or hair spray (like a few drops) two scissors, to cut your nail file into a couple pieces a nail polish remover (I prefer to use the ones that come in a bottle) some cotton candy for a base, to wear around the manicure a toothbrush or a sharp knife to trim the ends of your hair a little white string to tie your hair into some scissors to trim your hair ends a tiny nail file to hold your brush in the nail file a sharpie marker a large mirror (if you’re a little bit fussy about it, you can make a miniature version out of a tissue or some other object) your favorite makeup brush or two (I like the ones from Urban Decay, but you can use a brush if you like, or you can just use your fingers) the scissors or the nail scissors that are included in the video, so that you don’t have to trim each piece separately a good quality, high quality nail polish or a tiny bit of a brush with a nail file on it a paper towel or a disposable toothbrush, to wash your hands (if there’s a lot of stuff on your nails, this might make you feel a little squeamish) an eye shadow palette and a bit of mascara (if your lashes aren’t as long and curvy as I like)You can see all of these in the above video and make a bunch of cute manicured looks in your own time.

The video is from a beauty salon called Naughty Life in Austin, Texas, and you can see more of the tutorials from Naughty on her Instagram page.

If you want to get the manicures out of the way of your eyes and into your hands, then the tutorial in the photo above is perfect.

 Just keep in mind that it takes about 10 minutes of effort to do these cute manicuring looks.

It’s also worth noting that these are not exactly easy manicures, so make sure that you’re using the right tools for the job.

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