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Women’s manicures set to debut in France

Women’s manicures set to debut in France

The French government has confirmed it will launch a limited edition natural manicure line for women in the coming weeks.

The first set of 24 manicures will be launched on October 12th, and the company will start producing more as time goes on, with the first two of the sets to be released on October 17th.

In addition to a number of women-focused natural manicures, the company is also launching a new line of natural nail polishes, designed for women who prefer a slightly softer touch.

The manicures feature three colors in each package, which are a vibrant coral, blue and pink, while the base is an emerald green.

The set of 25 products will be available in limited quantities for up to 20 euros ($21), which is roughly equivalent to about $29.

The natural manicurist, who has been identified only as Laura, told CNBC in an interview that the company hopes to reach as many women as possible.

“We’re doing this to make women feel comfortable and have them want to share their style,” she said.

Laura said that while she was very excited to be a part of this initiative, she has no plans to sell her products.

She explained that the products are designed to make the natural manicuring experience as fun and relaxing as possible, which is why they are limited in number.

“The manicure experience is something that’s really special to us and something we love to do,” she told CNBC.

Laura, who is currently the owner of a natural nail salon in Lyon, said she hopes that the initiative will encourage other women to join the industry, as well as encourage people to become more aware of the benefits of natural manicured nails.

“I think it’s really important to be open about these things, because we’re really at a crossroads,” she added.

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