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Why you should ditch your nail polish collection

Why you should ditch your nail polish collection

Male manicure and gel nail art are popular because they’re simple and easy to make. 

If you want to create your own manicure or gel nail artwork, here are some tips to get started. 


Start with a base color.

I’ve had nail art that was inspired by classic Disney characters like Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse, and I love how they blend the colors together. 

I’ve found that the base colors are what really make it shine.


Don’t overdo it.

A lot of people have a tendency to overdo their manicures. 

Here’s why: If a manicure has a bold, bolder look, it will be difficult to get people to notice the bold color. 

Also, the nail polish itself can look dull. 

The best way to nail it is to pick a shade that you think will work for the style of your nails. 


Keep it simple. 

Simple designs will help nail art stand out. 


Make it simple to paint.

Make sure to pick and mix your base colors and mix and match the rest of your nail art. 


Choose a base size.

Don’t make your manicure too large, too small, or too flat. 

You’ll find that some nail art can work best on small nails.


Color your nails with a gel.

It’s easier than it looks. 


Use a glitter nail polish. 

There are lots of great glitter nail art products available on the market. 


Avoid the clumps. 

It can look like your nails are getting clumped up. 9. 

Get your nails in position. 

A good base for your nail is to use a base that’s flat.

If your nails have a sharp edge, you want your base to be smooth. 


Create your own nail art at home. 

Have a few friends or a family member paint your nails and then share it online. 


Do some simple polishes. 

For nail art, try using just two colors and a couple of shades. 


Try out different nail art styles. 

This is great if you’re trying something new and you want people to see your work. 


Stay hydrated. 

While some of the tips above may seem obvious, staying hydrated can help your manicures stand out and look more professional. 


Check out how you can make your own glitter nail paint. 


Find a color that will match your nail. 

To create your nails, choose a base, then add some glitter to the base and mix it in with your base color to create a glitter effect. 


Take it slow. 

Not all nail polishes are created equal.

Some of them can have a harsh metallic or metallic sheen, which makes it harder to apply. 


Be creative. 

Some of the most popular nail art on the internet are inspired by Disney characters, and they’re easy to do at home or online.

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