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Why did you choose to wear a manicure with the words ‘Halloween’ on it?

Why did you choose to wear a manicure with the words ‘Halloween’ on it?

You may have thought this would be the year to get your manicure done, but a little bit of bad luck has beenfalling on you in 2017. 

For the past few years, we have been having manicures with the word ‘Hallows’ written on them, but this year it seems the whole world has taken notice. 

On the other side of the world, in a town in the Philippines called Banda Aceh, a couple named Ramon and Maria decided to make a customised manicure inspired by the holiday.

The couple started out with a simple black and white floral design and later added a bright red accent on top of it. 

The name of the business was inspired by a line from the film ‘The Wizard of Oz’, but they didn’t forget the holiday’s roots. 

‘When I was younger, I had no idea about the holiday,’ Ramon explained. 

They went back to the movies, visited the same town and thought it would be cool to make something a bit different. 

Their dream was to make the first ever ‘Hallowed’ manicure and Ramon has been making his own customised versions ever since.’

My mother used to tell me to never wear a red or white or black outfit, but we loved it,’ he said.

‘My friends always thought we looked too glamorous.’

Ramon and his family have been busy making manicures since their business started and have now gone on to sell more than 100 versions of their customised designs.’

We started out making them for ourselves and we now make them for our clients as well,’ Ramen said. 

Maria and Ramón have since been in contact with many other businesses and businesses in the area who are making similar designs, and the couple is planning on expanding their business in the future.

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