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How to Buy a Manicure Table in Denver

How to Buy a Manicure Table in Denver

DETAILS: This story is part of NBC News’ coverage of the American flag.

A U.S. flag is seen in front of a manicured denmer in Denver.

This year’s National Flag Day was marred by protests over the use of the Confederate flag.

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski) The story you need to know about the American flags that flew over Washington, D.C., on National Flag Month:Read more.

A man with a small, white and black flagpole was seen on the lawn of a Denver salon, sporting a mani-pedi and manicure.

Another man was seen wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “I’m a white man, so white.”

A man wearing a red cap and a blue tie was seen outside a Denver bar with a sign that said “No Racism, No Hate.”

The owner of the salon in the video, who was not identified by NBC News, was not available for comment.

An employee of the Denver salon told NBC News the manager who was filming the incident said the salon would not be taking any further action against the man for violating the establishment’s policy.

The salon has since removed the sign, which it later posted on Facebook.

It did not return NBC News requests for comment Monday.

The video posted to Facebook on Sunday shows a man in a polo shirt and tie, sporting an American flag, walking into the salon.

It is not clear what he is doing there.

It was not immediately clear what sparked the man’s anger.

He is then seen grabbing a manicure table and pulling out a chair that is set up for a man wearing an American pride shirt.

The man is seen pushing the chair back into place before walking back outside and calling out to the camera, “This is my room.”

The man who uploaded the video on Sunday was identified as Andrew Stavros, 29, a Denver resident who was born in New York and who grew up in Greece, Greece, and has lived in Denver since 2013.

Stavios was previously convicted of disorderly conduct in Colorado in 2015.

He was sentenced to two days in jail.

The owner and the salon owner in the YouTube video were not immediately available for comments Monday.

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